'Maiden Lane' is a Hip Restaurant that Serves European Seafood Tins

 - Jul 30, 2016
References: themaidenlane & sfgirlbybay
Canned food isn't typically associated with fine dining, but 'Maiden Lane' incorporates the European tradition of fancy tinned seafood into their menu to create elegant, delicious meals. The restaurant, with two locations in downtown Manhattan, serves standard, untinned aquatic fare, like sardine sandwiches, lobster rolls and ceviche, but its real draw comes in the cans available for order in restaurant or for delivery throughout the city.

The tinned delicacies available at Maiden Lane include anchovies, sardines, octopus, mussels, oysters, cod liver, squid, cockles and more. The restaurant classes up its canned servings, though. Rather than simply tossing the table a sealed tin, Maiden Lane adds nice touches to the presentation, including classic sides for tinned seafood like baguettes, olives, salads and dips.

Canned food might be low dining in North America, but Maiden Lane shows that European haute cuisine is unconcerned with New World sensibilities.