The Magno Ti Blends Utility with Gorgeous Design Aesthetics

 - Jul 30, 2018
References: indiegogo & yankodesign
Mechanical pencils have remained fairly unchanged since their inception but the Magno Ti aims to reinvent the classic design with a full titanium build and magnetic deployment. Designed to house 2mm lead graphite, this unique pencil features a cylindrical design with a metallic ring that slides up and down the body. This ring is the main actuation point for the pencil and lies in a magnet that helps push the lead out from within. The ring can be twisted to lock both the lead and ring in place to ensure the pencil can be used without retracting inwards.

The new Magno Ti builds on the original Magno and carries on the tradition of avant-garde design and durability. The use of titanium lends itself to the pencil's indestructible nature while also remaining incredibly light and comfortable to handle.