This Macbook Messages Collage Series is Surreally Profound

 - Jul 22, 2014
References: & designfaves
There is something utterly hopeful and awe-inspiring about this Macbook messages collage series that fuses artistic abstract images with the sort of messages that pop up on our laptops all the time.

Giving tech a human face, Leeds-based graphic artist Ventral Is Golden attempts to find humanity in automated message boxes. For the Macbook messages collage series, the artist pairs computer-generated messages with tranquil or abstract images.

The surreal ‘Ok, I am Human Now’ collage series does a beautiful job creating an intimate connection between two things are completely unrelated. What Ventral Is Golden is trying to do is create a bridge between nature and technology and give our computer screens a little more soul—and the results are existential and strangely profound.