The Argo Yacht Concept Imagines a Vessel for Speed and Comfort

 - Feb 2, 2016
References: wix & tuvie
When it comes to luxury ships, the Argo Yacht Concept is a clear example of how to combine the best when it comes to accommodations and speed. Designed by Vasilatos Ianis, the Argo Yacht Concept is named after the Argonauts from Greek mythology.

Aside from being able to quickly cut through the open water, the Argo Yacht Concept features three decks with a rest area in front of the captain cabin. The tub section on the upper deck can be emptied to enable passengers to sit in the area when it's not in use.

Being that so much of the earth is covered in water, many consumers are opting to hit the oceans to explore more than ever, so it might not be long before the Argo Yacht Concept becomes the real deal.