The Famous Ludovic Houplain Film ‘Logorama’ Finally Becomes a Book

 - May 12, 2013
References: amazon & uncrate
Indie filmmaker Ludovic Houplain (H5) plans to release ‘Logorama’ as a book to follow up on his 2009 award-winning film ‘Logorama.' With the hundreds of pages of research, notes and facts he was left with from his filming days, Ludovic Houplain plans to feature ‘Logobook’ as an alphabetical, organized and super detailed portfolio compilation of his research on how logos came to be such a recognized and integrated part of global lifestyle.

Logobook’s creation is credited to the years of research on how society’s corporate products, logos and trademarks have hyper-saturated consumer culture. Logobook plans to be all that work jammed into a coffee table version with bright colored images of brand and product logos organized in an infographic format for an easy flip-through understanding of consumer culture. The 800 pages will remind us by the sure weight of the book that society is literally overflowing with corporate logos.