This Low-Sugar Jam Brand Redesigned for a Family-Friendly and Fun Look

 - Aug 1, 2016
References: designhappy & thedieline
Design Happy of the UK took up the challenge to reinvent the branding of a low-sugar jam. This was a product line with incredible selling potential, comprising "the healthier spreads" as alternatives to your sweet marmalades, Nutellas and more. The look just needed a bit of a boost.

The creative agency took the colorful stripes and the adorable button icon and brought them into a much bolder, juicier design, capable of jumping out from the supermarket shelf. Indeed, the new large letters, simplified patterns and prominently placed "83% less sugar" earned JimJams low-sugar jams and chocolate spreads competitive sales in shops across the country. Without changing the recipe, the company has also been proud to be recognized with awards, celebrating the quality and healthy features of these scrumptious toast toppers.