These Glasses Prevent Users from Looking at Screens

 - Jun 9, 2016
References: engadget & psfk
In a project that certainly strays from today's norm, Chino Kim invented "Screeners" which are glasses that prevent people from looking at screens.

After getting sick of "mainstream tech culture," Chino Kim decided to take matters into his own hands in a quirky and defiant way. The lenses of the glasses have a "smart film" on them, which is made up of an opaque plastic that "becomes clear when an electrical charge is applied to it." The user wears a webcam that processes what they are looking at and once it sees a screen it immediately cuts the electrical charge being sent to the glasses. In response, the smart film on the glasses will turn opaque.

While this may be a drastic method of preventing yourself from looking at screens, this product allows users to think about the physical and mental strain that can result with the constant use of phone and computer screens.