The Look@Mi Street Stand Defines Space and Provides Shade

 - Dec 5, 2011
Marquees and other tent-like structures are common choices for street retail enclosures, yet they appear to be somewhat out of date when compared to the mod Look@Mi Market Stand. Clean lines, a contemporary asymmetry and a sturdy frame bring the age-old experience of roadside buying and selling into the 21st century.

Andrea Ponti was likely looking to uncomplicate the visual of dozens of criss-crossing tent pegs and supports in favor of a minimalistic form. His crisp version can be repeated in lengthy rows without appearing to clutter the crowded thoroughfare. It begins with a well built L-shaped frame which suggests space but does not cut the vendor off from her clientele. A cantilevered transparent pane welcomes the application of a custom banner, and the Look@Mi Street Market Stand has a pivoting transom that produces a flat quadrant awning for shelter from sun and rain.