Marcin Szpak's Lonely C Photo Series is Full of Depth and Feeling

 - Mar 3, 2011
The Lonely C photo series seems to tell the story of two individuals (possibly ex lovers) that have become so estranged from one another that even though they live in the same home, it's as though they live alone.

Photographed by the talented Bydgoszcz, Poland-based Marcin Szpak, the Lonely C photo series is dark, gritty and shot in only black and white.

With deep sexual undertones, the Lonely C photo series shows that physical contact isn't enough to sustain relationships. There must also be an emotional connection that feeds both parties.

The Lonely C photo series fits in perfectly with Marcin Szpak's other photographic works. Nevertheless, this collection of images seems more real and present than his other projects. What do you think?