From Face-Stuffing Models to Dinnertime Editorials

 - Apr 21, 2012
These gluttonous photoshoots put a spin on the common association made between the modeling industry and eating disorders. Plates of food are laid out before the purveyors of haute couture, all of whom are found devouring various delicacies. Burgers, noodles and even tentacles have been incorporated into fashion lookbooks and magazine covers, always opting for the delivery of tasty imagery.

Face-stuffing subjects and dinnertime editorials have been a consistent go-to for photographers. There is something notably dramatic about a collection featuring food, especially given the contrast made between this theme and the majority of sultry spreads. The inclusion of dinnertime depictions are double-take worthy, effectively searing the pictures into the minds of consumers and public relations specialists alike. Insofar as lasting impressions go, this genre of photography has made great strides.