The DUMPED! Photoshoot by Meg Wachter

 - Jun 18, 2008
References: megwachterphoto
It's all bout timing and precision in NYC-based photographer Meg Wachter's new DUMPED! collection. Missing the shot by a fraction of a second implies a tedious cleaning up of a very messy model before you can have another go.

However, the hard work paid off handsomely, as the resulting 13 images are extremely fun and make me want to go have a food fight right away.

Wachter dumped an assortment of materials on the heads of the models. These include, cottage cheese, tomato paste, tar + feathers, milk + cereal, pepto bismol, coffee, eggs, maple syrup, velveeta cheese, spaghetti o's, apple sauce, sunny delight, and (poetically) dish detergent.

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