From Flocking Object Photography to Freaky Floating Females

 - Dec 28, 2011
When Sir Issac Newton formulated his universal law of gravity, he didn't take into consideration that photography was going to be able to object that law, as shown by these mind-blowing gravity-defying pictorials.

Whether it's flying fashion or levitating models, these images are intriguing and alluring. Maybe it's the idea of moving through space without any limits, or maybe it's the necessity for humans to let go of any stability and simply float like feather in the wind that makes these pictures so enticing.

Either way, there's a tendency for photographers to manipulate their photos to create the illusion of levitation. Creating a tornado of flying objects is a concept that is common among artists, as it's visually attractive and awakes audiences' curiosity.

There's no need to visit the moon to float through the space, as these gravity-defying pictorials will do that for you.