The Evgenij Soloviev Art Captures Jaw-Dropping Finds

When the art of capturing brilliant photography in an effortless manner is revealed to all, it looks like the work of Evgenij Soloviev.

This Russian photo manipulator has very interestingly portrayed gravity-defying snaps with the use of simple tools like Photoshop and other photo manipulator programs. This 21 year-old from Nizhniy, Novgorod simply started off using CorelPainter and PhotoShop and has, since then, been experimenting with different objects and appeals.

This Evgenij Soloviev art definitely separates itself from the herd of works utilizimg Photoshop. With young talent emerging, pretty soon there will be a hand full of crisp and applaud-worthy works, just like this series. My favorite image is the one featuring a little boy walking on the surface of the building.