The Surrealistic Pillow Series by Ronen Goldman is Dreamlike

 - May 25, 2011
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The Surrealistic Pillow series by Ronen Goldman gives life to the most inanimate objects. From groping trees to attacking apples, this collection gives human qualities to the most stock-still entities.

The photography collection has an uncanny feel, as Ronen Goldman merges the mortal world with nature. A tree is no longer stoic and one with its green surroundings, but instead, it grows a hand that's just as frisky as any flesh-and-blood human. Other objects also gain life in Surrealistic Pillow by Ronen Goldman, such as free-floating cameras and inanimate benches. Goldman does a great job at taking everyday objects and giving them qualities that are least expected. If you like being surprised with eerie artwork, then these photos are sure to impress.