Jens Sage's Series 'Seats' is a Furnitureless Collection of Floating Figures

 - May 12, 2011
References: thisiscolossal
This photographic series is so surreal, you might want to take a seat.

Young Berlin-based artist Jens Sage has captured a compelling collection of floating figures. This collection is both comical and fascinating, exposing the vulnerability of the human form. He seems to have photographed the figures while they were sitting on various types of seats, and proceeded to edit out the seats completely. This left the figures in the photographs suspended in air, floating in their different positions.

All of the settings in the photographs seem to be urban ones. One of the men appears to be driving a car, and another one a bike. I think that through this series, Sage meant to make a statement about our dependancy on technology and structure.

Whatever his message, Jens Sage's 'Seats' is definitely a photographic series to fall for.