Photography by Lissy Elle Features Topsy-Turvy Figures

 - May 29, 2011
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Celebrated Canadian photographer Lissy Elle is well known for her imagination-filled photography, and this shoot is no exception.

Lissy Elle often plays with our perception of the human form or exaggerates forms to create oddity and interest. This shoot is full of photos that have me baffled; I can't fathom how these floating figures photographs were captured. She has truly created magic, with oddly angled levitating subjects who seem to hang in air. All of these shots feature single subjects in impossible poses, clad in stylish ensembles. The colors that Lissy Elle uses on her subjects and in her backdrops are soft pastel and floral tones, making the photos very warm.

Lissy Elle creates captures with unparalleled creativity; her magical photography will take you to another world.