From Flying Baby Photography to Sublime Levitating Shoots

 - Aug 7, 2012
This collection of marvelous mid-air floatos features subjects of any age, no matter if they are infant or senior citizen, who are suspended in space and conveniently caught on camera.

Whether this is the more artistically inclined photographer’s version of the planking concept is unknown—though the selection of photos taken in this style is comprehensive. Many of such shots are merely well-timed snaps of models who can jump high and for a long time. In this, their infectious activity is captured. However, there is a portion of this collection that sees impossibly posed people who are undoubtedly floating mid-air. Some are babies who are seemingly swimming through a kitchen; others are riding an invisible bike while there are some where gravity is in the process of disappearing.

Whether it is the work of athleticism or graphic editing, these mid-air shots are more than awe-worthy.