Invisible Bicycles by Zhaohua Sen is a Series of Photos of Floating Cyclists

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: feizi-gallery & thecreatorsproject
Take a look at Invisible Bicycles by Zhaohua Sen and you'll immediately notice that something major is missing from each one. The clue is in the title but what aren't instantly obvious are any photo editing flaws created in the production of these pictures.

Observing streets in China, this photographer collected snapshots of people riding as singles and doubles on two-wheelers. Next, software was used to completely wipe the images clean of any proof of the pushbikes' existence -- that is, except for their shadows.

The product of this photo manipulation is much more interesting than if the silhouettes had been removed as well. This way, Invisible Bicycles by Zhaohua Sen reveals more than people posed impossibly in mid-air but entertaining evidence of their activities too. It's as if their conveyances had been just snatched away.