The Tereza Vlckova 'A Perfect Day, Elise' Series is Dreamy

The whimsical photographs in the Tereza Vlckova 'A Perfect Day, Elise' series are dreamy. The series was shot by Czech Republic-born artist Tereza Vlckova, who captures young girls mid-floatation. Each of the fleeting moments depict the moments of adolescence where the young ladies are stuck between childhood and adulthood. As Vlckova describes on her website, "the innocence and chastity of youngling Madonnas arouse the glow of radiant purity and harmony."

The subjects are then surrounded by the magical backdrop of a hilltop that allows for them to be caught floating. The dreamy expressions on the girls' faces are a mix of fear and exhilaration of being lost in the in-between. Yet, as the girls grow through their experiences, that ability to float passes them by.