L’Officiel Hommes Germany's Black Hole Sun Story is Visually Vivid

Dark and dystopic are themes that describe "Black Hole Sun", an artful editorial exclusive for L’Officiel Hommes Germany. This visually striking editorial plays with its viewer's perception and highlights infrared image filters that are added to black, sepia and crimson-hued portraits.

Thomas Gibbons stars in this fashion story for L’Officiel Hommes Germany that is captured by photographer Bela Borsodi's lens. Wardrobe styling for the "Black Hole Sun" feature is courtesy of Götz Offergeld who dresses the model in a range of designer pieces. Thomas dons a wardrobe of militant suits, structured coats and leather-clad sportswear looks that are a fresh translation of the athletic uniform.

The model's images are transformed with various light filters that are artful and dramatic in their aesthetic.