Lisa Rodden Hand-Cuts to Make Divine Pictures

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: lisarodden & thisiscolossal
Lisa Rodden creates visually stunning paper artwork that touches on the themes of animals and nature. The Australian artist cuts, folds and slices paper into flower-like geometric shapes and animal figures. She then places these paper cutouts over acrylic paintings, which are usually accompanied by text.

The resulting works are admirably precise pieces that remind one of purity and the divine. Lisa Rodden plays with the stark white of the paper, the dark shadows cast by the uplifting folds and the vibrant colors on the underlying canvas to create a captivating, yet simple experience for her viewers.

Rodden is inspired by her travels all over the world, which have exposed her to a diverse range of cultures and landscapes. This is evident in her most recent work, which features Asian representations of the crane and koi fish.

One can enjoy the work of Lisa Rodden in person from August 8th - 21st, 2012, at the Art2Muse Museum in Sydney.