Isolate Opportunities that Generate Interest in the Alcohol Industry

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: trendreports
For centuries, liquor has been a deeply rooted aspect of many cultures all over the world. Nowadays, it's commonplace in most settings, from home life to social life. More recently, companies have expanded the use of liquor for more than just its intoxicating features. Trend Hunter's Liquor Trend Report tracks innovations that use liquor in new and sometimes provocative ways, from liquor-scented fragrances to booze-infused spices.

In restaurant and bar scenes around the globe, liquor is used in a variety of ways. Some establishments serve it in the most traditional sense, while others are constantly thinking of new ways to revamp their menu and keep their patrons intrigued. However, liquor is now creeping into other industries, used as a main ingredient in products like perfume, soap, spices, lotion and cream.

Perfect for alcohol advertisers, booze brands and liquor marketers, our research is essential for understanding changes and opportunities in this global industry, as well as gaining insight that could lead to innovation and inspiration on your team.