The Marshmallowist's Limited-Edition Marshmallows Fuse Unique Flavors

The Marshmallowist created limited-edition marshmallows with a unique flavor and the ability to share a therapeutic effect, thanks to the inclusion of CBD oil.

The Cannabis, Grapefruit + Pink Peppercorn marshmallows share the non-psychoactive benefits of organic cannabidiol, as well as a rich, uplifting and slightly spiced flavor that is said to complements the botanical notes in the cannabis. Previously, the Limited-Edition Cannabis Marshmallows were only available to luxury brands and restaurants but The Marshmallowist is now offering this creation to consumers. With its standout flavor and function, Stylist magazine called described the product's unique flavor as "the Millennial version of After Eights."

Some of the other gourmet marshmallow flavors that are available through The Marshmallowist include everything from Raspberry + Champagne to Toasted Coconut.