Light Field Lab and Otoy are Partnering to Make a Real 'Holodeck'

 - Oct 23, 2018
References: venturebeat & hollywoodreporter
The 'Holodeck' from Star Trek has been a been a dream for many fans of the series and now a partnership between holographic display maker Light Field Lab and graphics software firm Otoy may make a Holodeck a reality. Portrayed as a virtual reality space with full user interaction the fictional version of the device has remained a long-sought endeavor of the tech world. The partnership between these two companies could lead to the first end-to-end holographic-content-creation-to-display ecosystem, essentially equating to a real Holodeck.

To create the project, California-based Light Field Lab is currently developing an array of holographic displays that can be assembled from small building blocks into a massive 3D image displays. Otoy would then provide the software tools to render these graphics in highly realistic detail.

Image Credit: Light Field Lab