Liana Repass Depicts Realistic Bodies of Water Using Pastels

 - Aug 16, 2012
References: & sweet-station
I’ve seen many artists render myriad subjects in a hyperrealist manner, but Liana Repass may be the first to exert such a technical effort to illustrate bodies of water. Her portraits are filled with ripples, light refractions, subtle hints of bubbles and anything else you could associate with realistic water conditions. Her fidelity to the tangible world is so true that these portraits may as well be photographs, but to the surprise of many, Repass illustrates these stunning images using pastels. Who needs a camera when you're in the company of Repass?

Liana Repass explains that she drew these hypnotic masterpieces because water has metaphorical applications to life. She believes that H2O is simultaneous controlled in its structure yet chaotic in its actions, mirroring human bodies and psyches.