The Lenticular Dress by Antoine Peters Changes Depending on Perspective

 - Nov 27, 2013
References: antoinepeters & psfk
The Lenticular Dress could very well usher in a new future for fashion. Instead of electronic designs that flash gaudy lights and make strange movements, style could be reverting to something just as impressive if much more simple. Essentially, the Lenticular Dress changes patterns depending on where a person views it.

Created by Dutch designer Antoine Peters, the Lenticular Dress is inspired by the process of lenticular printing, hence its name. Through the use of pleats, people might see polka dots from one vantage point and stripes at another. Designed for the Te[ch]x(t)iles project from MOTI, the Lenticular Dress offers quite the sight. The optical illusion is not only visually arresting, but also very chic in its monochromatic colorway and print.