Chase Distillery's Signature Vodka Blend Mimics a Popular Breakfast Staple

 - Oct 4, 2017
References: chasedistillery
UK-based Chase Distillery is known for creating spirits that marry great taste with adventurous favor notes and its Lemon Marmalade Vodka is no exception. The brand's premium vodka blend is subtly flavored to mimic a popular English breakfast staple, and is set to appeal to experimental drinkers seeking a fresh twist on their favorite libation.

Made with the brand's original Chase Potato Vodka, this beverage is copper-distilled and combined with "thick-cut lemon marmalade in a ‘marmaliser’ before being marinated for 72 hours with eureka lemon peel to add a natural lemon colour and depth of flavour." The product is then stored for 10 days before it is ready to bottle.

An exclusive offering at Harvey Nichols, this unique spirit transforms a familiar breakfast food staple into the starring ingredient in a premium vodka blend.