Laysan Island Has Been Donated for Exclusive Use by Millerbirds

 - Sep 24, 2011
References: bymnews & treehugger
Twenty-four lucky contestants have won the exclusive property and land rights to Laysan Island, a quaint tropical refuge on the outer span of Hawaii's archipelago chain. The reason why this particular contest is so unique is because the contestants aren't people, but endangered birds.

The emerging plans for the picturesque Laysan Island have been hatched by a consortium formed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the American Bird Conservancy and a myriad of other conservation groups. Twenty-four Millerbirds -- all that remains of the once-abundant species -- have been relocated to the island, where they'll be free to feed, fly and mate in the hopes of stabilizing their population.

Joining the K-T Meteor that annihilated the dinosaurs and the Ice Age, humanity is responsible for the current worldwide extinction event. Environmentally aware initiatives like this may be all that prevent our fellow Earthlings from going the way of the T-Rex.