The Surreal Illustrations by Laura McKellar are Fantastical

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: lauramckellar & witness-this
Australia-born artist Laura McKellar fuses nature and humanity to create contemporary vintage-looking illustrations. The human and animal hybrid illustrations channel a different kind of art. The delicate pastel colored illustrations leave you feeling as though you are looking at a vintage picture but with odd modern touches. Laura McKellar's illustrations look like they have emerged from a children's fairy-tale book. Her art work is magically surreal and storybook-like.

The timeless drawings captivate viewers. Laura is a multi-faceted artist who fuses different techniques to create her masterpieces. She works with Photoshop, print, scanning, editing programs and free-hand illustrating. Laura uniquely combines embroidery with the technique of printing old photographs onto fabric pieces.

Laura McKellar's contemporary-vintage illustrations come to life with the fusion of photography and embroidery.