The 'Cora Ball' Captures Microfibers from Ending Up in the Ocean

 - Apr 9, 2017
References: kickstarter & digitaltrends
Laundry balls are commonly used to replace laundry detergent and save sensitive skin from being irritated by fragrances and other product additives. Cora Ball is a washing ball that's being introduced to the world through a crowdfunding campaign that touts it as a "microfiber-catching laundry ball."

When a washing machine is used to clean one's clothes, microfibers fall away from the garment, mix with the water and will eventually end up in the water systems, ingested my marine life. Eventually, those who eat fish will ultimately also be consuming these tiny microfibers.

The Cora Ball, inspired by coral from the ocean, effectively traps microfibers from a load of laundry so that they can be removed from the laundry ball after a cycle in a similar way that one would clear hair from a hairbrush.