These Large Bicycles Are Designed For Exceptionally Tall Cyclists

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: kickstarter & gizmag
David Folch, a bicycle frame builder working out of Santa Cruz, has developed an exceptionally large bicycle that is designed for the exceptionally large cyclist.

The problem with most existing bicycles designed for bigger and taller riders is that they feature high-rise frames on regular wheels, something that results in compromised handling and poor ergonomics. This is what prompted Folch to create the DirtySixer, a gigantic bicycle that is comfortable for bigger and taller cyclists. The geometry of the bike is decidedly balanced and safe, with the weight of the rider moved forward for better stability.

These large bicycles feature a pair of 36-inch wheels that were originally constructed for unicycle use. Moreover, the main components of the bicycle are also proportionally oversized, ensuring that this bicycle is comfortable to ride even for Shaquille O'Neal-sized cyclists.