Italian Restaurant Langolino was Designed to Look Like a Camping Tent

 - May 14, 2014
References: & designboom
Italian restaurant Langolino wanted to create an inviting evening atmosphere for its guests so it hired Japanese design studio Geneto to create a space with a tent-like roof so diners would feel like they're dining under the stars.

The Langolino restaurant is the perfect place for people to gather, to talk and to enjoy an elegant Italian meal. The restaurant's roof was constructed from several pieces of white plywood stacked together diagonally to create a triangular point. Within the plywood pieces are several small triangle cut-outs so as the sky darkens, diners can enjoy the moonlight glistening in through the tent-like roof. The restaurant's ceiling showcases the angular curvature in the roof's tent-like shape. This stylish take on tent campers creates an interesting design space for restaurant go-ers to enjoy a starry night meal.

Photo Credits: designboom,