PolicyMic's Photos of Famous Landmark Surroundings are Shocking

 - Apr 18, 2014
References: policymic & designtaxi
Though the structures being captured are very real, this landmark photography can actually be deceptive to those who have never been to a site. PolicyMic recently gave us an eye-opening, but accurate, portrayal of famous landmarks and surroundings.

The Taj Mahal looks like a serene and prestige palace, and you would imagine its surroundings in a similar way; however, a trash-filled wasteland is situated around it. Another misconceived landmark is the Pyramids of Giza. For someone who hasn't visited Egypt, they would think that the pyramids are sitting in the middle of the dessert. In fact, they are surrounded by a modern cityscape.

These unique perspectives will completely alter the way you think of certain places from here on out. Modernization and pollution has taken away the true beauty.