Levi's Denim-Inspired Body Products for Men Designed by Lama Khayyat

 - May 1, 2011
References: lovelypackage
This student packaging design by Lama Khayyat for a men's body product is fashionable and slick, perfect for the rugged man.

Lama Khayyat was asked to create a product line for men’s skincare with a choice of any well-known company that didn't already have a line of its own. Khayyat chose Levi’s & Strauss, the iconic denim company that created the world's first pair of jeans. Khayyat used a defining part of any pair of jeans to represent the brand's body products by making the label a back pocket, paying close attention to the denim stitching. Different color coding of the stitches represents a different product of the line, which includes hair gel, shaving cream and lotion.

It's too bad that it's only a concept, because the denim design by Lama Khayyat is brilliant.