Jim Denevan's Lake Baikal Art Project is Unrivaled in Scale

 - Aug 13, 2010
References: jimdenevan
The Lake Baikal art project headed by Jim Denevan is set to break the record for the largest earth art installation after the artist's previous performance in the Nevada desert. In this piece, Denevan and his team used brooms on the ice to create beautifully round impressions in the snow.

Appropriately, this lake in Siberia is the world's largest, which means the possibilities of this Lake Baikal art exhibition are limited only by the muscles and the minds of the eight participants and their brooms. Blistering winds and sub-zero temperatures had to be endured throughout the execution of the Lake Baikal art installation making it even more of an epic feat in the unforgiving landscape. The process that began in March of this year has been documented on video to enforce the message that art-making is often foremost about the process.