Lafe's Dry Shampoo is Developed with Non-GMO Cornstarch Products

 - Apr 25, 2019
References: amazon & lafes
Lafe's dry shampoo is made if four different colored tints in order to cater to those who have black, red, brunette, or blonde hair. The product is centric to personal care, ensuring that the ingredients used are free of any harmful chemicals and toxins.

The cornstarch used for the dry shampoo is non-GMO and gently cleans and volumizes the hair's overall body. Additionally, the Lafe dry shampoo also infuses argan oil for moisturizing components along with natural oils to ensure that the hair does not dry out. Lafe recommends that the dry shampoo should be used on dry hair for results to show, sprinkling it through the roots and gently worked through using fingers or a brush.