April Dauscha Covers Her Tongue, Eyes and Face with Delicate Creations

 - Nov 4, 2014
References: aprildauscha & beautifuldecay
When people think of lace veils, an image of a traditional bride will more likely come unbidden to people's minds. Yet one artist has decided to shirk this assumption by creating lace veils for different parts of the body other. April Dauscha crafts delicate covers for her tongue, eyes and face in an attempt to push boundaries while also exploring concepts of "morality, mourning and mortification."

Captured in both photos and videos, Dauscha's lace veils are not as innocent as they may first appear. She introduces a sensual undertone to lace veils creations that speaks louder than words. She writes, "Lace speaks of purity and sexuality, it reveals and conceals, it is humble, yet gluttonous in its ornamental overindulgence; lace is the ultimate dichotomy. I use it as a potent symbol to represent the duality of body and soul, right and wrong, good and evil."