The Kyodo House in Japan Uses Strikingly Slanted Wood Slats

 - Jan 11, 2016
References: swipelife
There are cookie cutter homes and then there is the Kyodo House. A stunning example of geometric architecture, it puts a modern twist on rustic designs. Although made predominantly of warm wooden slats, the Kyodo House uses them in a strikingly slanted way that turns the material into a work of art. Inside is just as impressive with its minimal aesthetic and airy feel.

A collaborative effort between Sandwich and Team Low-Energy, the Kyodo House is located in Japan. Swipelife writes, "Its overall program uses overlapping boxes for interior space organization. It also comes with a study room that works as some kind of ventilation to the point that air conditioners are deemed useless inside the house." Overall, it's a family home anyone would be lucky enough to live in.