The Ko-fi Platform Helps Facilitate Donations from Fans to Creators

 - Jan 17, 2018
References: ko-fi & producthunt
Independent creators usually do their work purely for the love of it, but the Ko-fi platform gives those creatives the chance to earn some pocket money on the side. The platform, which plugs in to nearly any site on which creators share their products and ideas, gives fans the opportunity to "buy a coffee" for their favorite internet producers.

While patronage plug-ins like the Ko-fi platform aren't new, what separates Ko-fi from others is its payment structure. Most sites either charge supporters or creators in order to make a donation, but Ko-fi is completely free on both sides of the donation. That means that patrons know all of their donation ends up with the creator whose work they enjoy.

Ko-fi's links and buttons run on virtually every site on which people might share their work, from Facebook and Instagram to Tumblr and Soundcloud.