The Knit Light by Mike Serafin is Colorful and Crafty

 - Feb 21, 2013
References: memikeserafin &
The Knit Light may look like it is in the process of unravelling, but that is all an illusion. As its name suggests, the Knit Light is inspired by the act of knitting, hence the piece of 'yarn' trailing down towards its base. Interestingly, that is no yarn at all, but a colorful cord that has been cleverly made to stand in for the crafty material.

Designed by Mike Serafin, a product designer and illustrator based in Chicago, United States, the Knit Light is slim and tall. This simple silhouette also gives the illusion that it is a floor lamp. In reality, the Knit Light is a table lamp. Brightly colored, the lampshade contrasts nicely with the wooden frame, which acts as the 'needles.'