The KisKis Packaging Allows Consumers to Add Their Own Designs

The Hong Kong-based creative agency 'Box Brand Design' recently created a unique packaging design for KisKis mints. In recent years, there has been a growing shift towards personalized packaging that gives the consumer a chance to put their own stamp on a product. This creative packaging idea uses customization to effectively catch the attention of consumers.

To celebrate the release of KisKis' limited-edition mints, Box Brand Agency developed a chic black tin sealed with a lip-shaped rubber stamp that alludes to the brand's name. The mints were also sold with a special pen that allowed consumers to doodle on the outside of the tin. The idea was to make the packaging more interactive by giving consumers a way to personalize the product.

The creative packaging for KisKis mints demonstrates how the element of customization can be used to make a product more appealing to consumers.