Take the Family Off-Roading with the Kia Sportage

 - Oct 28, 2011
References: innoceanusa & ibelieveinadv
A car campaign without a car can only mean one thing; the car being advertised, which in this case is the Kia Sportage, is one impressive roadster. Instead of focusing on the car itself, the Kia Sportage ad campaign focuses on what it is capable of. Forget about safe road trips with the family, for instance. Instead, indulge in some adventurous off-roading.

Conceived and executed by Canada-based ad agency Innocean Worldwide, the Kia Sportage ad campaign centers around some incredibly scenic shots (which were photographed by Jeremy Kohm) as well as some iconic children’s toys such as a beach ball and colorful windmills.

The Kia Sportage ad campaign effectively shows the blending of two worlds. The once single father and mother who used to thrive on adventures can still enjoy the occasional daring activity thanks to this car.