Khaled Haider's 'Colors Within' Exposes Our True Selves

 - Jul 23, 2009   Updated: Jul 19 2011
If you're familiar with holistic health principles, you'll immediately recognize the theme of aura colors that runs through Khaled Haider's 'Colors Within' photo shoot. Each portrait features a different color theme, with lighting and the model's clothing and makeup done to match.

From green to yellow, blue, purple, and white, the models in Khaled Haider's 'Colors Within' showcase a wide variety of aura colors. Check out more from Haider's shoot above.

Implications - North American consumers are becoming more health conscious as media outlets continue to report alarming medical statistics. As such, they are now actively looking for ways to lead healthier lifestyles. Corporations that offer products and services with potential health benefits are likely to be prosperous.