This Dish from KFC Hong Kong is Inspired by Japanese Cuisine

 - Mar 28, 2016
References: kfchk & brandeating
KFC Hong Kong recently introduced a new menu item that draws inspiration from a popular Japanese dish called okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake made from grated nagaimo, shredded cabbage and other ingredients. This fried chicken dish puts a unique twist on the Japanese delicacy by borrowing some of the unique toppings.

The new 'Okonomiyaki Crispy Chicken' dish from KFC Hong Kong consists of the brand's original fried, bone-in chicken topped with traditional okonomiyaki toppings. These toppings include okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and bonito flakes made from fish shavings. The unique ingredients combine the tangy taste of a Japanese pancake with the crunchy texture of KFC's signature fried chicken.

The new dish demonstrates how fast food chains are increasingly borrowing popular ingredients from other cuisines in order to put a unique twist on their original menu items.