Katrin Rodegast Transforms Sheets of Card into Everyday Objects

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: katrinrodegast.de & fubiz.net
Artist Katrin Rodegast hails from Germany with these beautiful card art sculptures that depict various everyday objects with a touch of whimsy and a hyperrealistic aesthetic. These pieces are incredibly detailed and 3D giving the works a sense of space and depth.

Rodegast's work is remarkable showcasing how simple colors and folds can recreate detailed objects such as cars, laptops, computers and even animals. While the shapes are relatively simple, the intricate folds and placement of the sculptures recreate scenes from reality that are remarkably familiar, such as a cat chewing on its tail in a home or a map of a landscape. The bold use of color brings these pieces to life as each piece offers various perspectives for the viewer to gaze from.