Katherine Verhoeven Draws Her Dinners Before Devouring Them

Katherine Verhoeven is definitely one dedicated artist who isn't starving.

Katherine is a Toronto-based illustrator who found her muse in her hunger. Believe it or not, Katherine's blog 'Drawn and Devoured' is comprised of illustrations of all of her meals. Katherine quickly sketches her suppers before eating them, locking their immortal deliciousness on paper forever. Hopefully, all of her meals don't go cold.

Katherine Verhoeven proves that inspiration can be found anywhere you look. Gaze (and graze) through this gallery of delicious dinners -- you'll be hungry for more.

Implications - Consumers have gradually begun to ignore the imagery in advertisements due to their overwhelming abundance in society. These consumers now appreciate advertisements that feature intricate and unusual illustrations as they are memorable and unique. Companies can incorporate these qualities into their marketing campaigns to attract potential consumers.