From Tea-Flavored Biscuits to Sweet Cinnamon Bun Pies

 - Jun 7, 2013
Cooking enthusiasts looking to incorporate some savory spices into their desserts are in luck, because these cinnamon-infused treats will showcase just how significant a little bit of flavor can be.

While cinnamon is often associated with the types of spices used to flavor cinnamon buns and rolls, this classic cooking ingredient can be used in all sorts of dessert recipes, adding a very distinct pop of flavor to a meal. From baked apple pastries to sliced cinnamon roll cookies, these scrumptiously spiced dessert creations are making these otherwise ordinary sweet treats much more interesting and tasty.

While some people may feel that the addition of cinnamon to a dish adds too much spice, those with a desire to infuse a lot of taste and flavor into their desserts will definitely want to try out these scrumptious cinnamon treats.