Kaloian Toshev Renders Subjects in Varied Styles Using the Same Tools

 - Dec 19, 2011
References: kaloiantoshev & artforadults.tumblr
Digital art software enables users to create with seemingly limitless amounts of tools, yet Kaloian Toshev enjoys sticking to the tried and true world of vector illustrating. But don’t let that fool you into thinking every piece is similar. In fact, Toshev’s true strength lies in his ability to constantly find inventive ways to render portraits of charismatic individuals despite only using vectors. His ingenuity is equally matched by his technical skills, as demonstrated by the sophisticated execution of each one of these digital creations.

Kaloian Toshev is a Bulgarian art director who began his career while he was still in his teens. He explains that his muse is the female form, which is true of most aspiring and well-established artists.