Juji is a Conversationalist Because of Empathetic Responses to Humans

 - Oct 19, 2018
References: juji.io & venturebeat
Created by AI researcher Michelle Zhou, Juji is an empathetic AI chatbot designed to hold conversations with actual people. This level of empathy comes from Juji's ability to accurately listen to users to generate a more intelligent and human-like response. This level of empathy generally allows Juji to converse with humans longer than other chatbots and even encourages human users to continue interacting with the AI chatbot.

Zhou believes that this new form of chatbot can be leveraged to better extract information from people thanks to empathetic responses. Zhou intends to continue her work on Juji in the hopes of creating a realistic conversationalist that could have a wide range of applications, ranging from online surveys, games, entertainment, hiring, and other projects.

Image Credit: Juji