Jesse Reno Illustrates Abstract Images of Ethereal Creatures

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: jessereno & robotmafia
Though commercial art continues to become increasingly more digital, there are still great artists out there like Jesse Reno who are producing analog masterpieces that are a testament to what people can do with a brush on a canvas.

The images Jesse Reno creates are the definition of eccentricity, depicting psychedelic creatures amid ethereal spaces. There are tribal elements evocative of tiki masks found in his renderings, but more likely than not, the people and animals in Reno’s paintings are purely original creations. He fills his compositions with airy prismatic colors, invoking a dream-like quality. One can assume that if you were to explore the depths of Reno’s imagination, these visuals are exactly what you’d find.

Jesse Reno currently resides in Portland, Oregon, though his artwork regularly takes him to countries like France, Mexico and Puerto Rico.